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About School of Mechanical Engineering at PNU

The History of Mechanical Engineering

1953. 09

Dep. of Mechanical Engineering(DME) was established at PNU

1973. 12

DME won the government support for University Specialization Program

1994. 03

Selected as an “Excellent Department” in allareas in a nationwide assessment of mechanical engineering departments.

1994. 03

The Engineering Research Center (ERC) for Net-Shape and Die Manu-facturing was established as an engineering research center funded by KOSEF (Korea Science and Engineering Foundation)

1994. 08

Designated as a government-supported mechanical engineering college by the Ministry of Education. (about US$ 2.5 million for 5 years)

1994. 12

The Research Institute of Mechanical Technology (RIMT) was selected as a priority research center by the Ministry of Education

1996. 02

The Pusan Kyungnam Automobile Techno-Center was opened by the support from the Ministry of Industry

1996. 03

Established the Mechanical Engineering Departments, integrating the five existing mechanical departments.

1997. 09

The Mechanical Engineering Technology Research Information Center (METRIC) was founded by the support of KOSEF

1997. 11

The SME was chosen as an outstanding university in educational reform

1998. 08

The SME was ranked first in an evaluation of National Engineering Edu-cation Enhancement Program by the Ministry of Education

1998. 10

Pusan Education Center for Computer Aided Machine Design was es-tablished by the government support

1999. 10

The SME was ranked first in an evaluation of National Engineering College Program by the Ministry of Education

2000. 03

Two laboratories selected in the core areas of Brain Korea 21 (BK21).

2003. 06

Two National Research Labs(NRL) were selected

2004. 12

Accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK).

2005. 02

Selected as the “best” in all fields for mechanical engineering departments and graduate schools as assessed by the Korean Council for University Education.

2005. 09

Selected as a project team for the New University of Regional Innovation (NURI) by the Ministry of Educationand Human Resources for 4 years.
(about US$ 5 million per years)

2006. 04

Selected in the mechanical engineering area of Brain Korea 21 (BK21)
for 7 years. (about US$ 2.1 million per years)

2007. 03

The graduate school integrated with the School of Mechanical Engineering.

2007. 11

Selected as a core department at PNU.

2009. 06

Selected as a member of the Education Center for Green Industry-Friendly Fusion Technology (GIFT) for the Dongnam regional industries. (for 5 years)
(fund: about US$ 5 million per year)

2011. 03

Establishment of Division of Nuclear System Engineering.

2012. 03

Master’s program on Nuclear System Engineering opened.

2012. 03

Selected as a member of the Leaders in Industry-College Cooperation project (LINC). (about US$ 5 million per year for 5 years)

2013. 05

2012, best perspective evaluation of industry
- general machinery, automobile field

2013. 08

Selected in the mechanical engineering area of BK21 Plus for 7 years.
(about US$ 2.5 million per years)

2014. 07

Granted in the mechanical engineering area of CK-Ⅰ for 5 years.
(about US$ 2.5 million per years)

Our Mission

The School of Mechanical Engineering has set up the following educational goals in or-der to produce innovative and creative mechanical engineers who can be a leader with their professional expertise in research, design, and manufacturing.

  1. Adaptability to various tasks by simultaneous emphases on both theory and experiment in basic science and engineering
  2. Innovative thinking and problem-solving ability by emphasizing design educa-tion involving problem formulation, analysis, and synthesis
  3. Engineering ethics for satisfying social requirements on economy, environment, and ethics
  4. Communication ability and inter-personal relationship to become a leader who can maintain a good teamwork
In order to fulfill its educational aim, the School offers degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering.