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| Energy Systems Major | Mechanical Systems Design Major
| Precision Manufacturing Systems Major | Control and Automation Systems Major
| Nuclear Systems Major |


Choi, Gyung Min

Ph. D., Pusan National University, 1997 / Dr. Eng. Osaka University, JAPAN, 2002

Research Interests

Active Control of Internal Engine and Gas Turbine, Heat Recirculation for Energy Saving and Low Nitric Oxide, Biomass Utilization Technology, Combustion Measurements


Go, Jeung Sang

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 2001/ M.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1995 / B.D., Pusan National University, Korea, 1993

Research Interests

E²Technology (Environment-constrained Energy Technology), Micro BioChemical Plant, Nano/MEMS Technology, Micro-Thermo-Fluidics, BioMEMS, BioChemical Fluidic Handling System, MEMS Packaging , New Fabrication Technology


Ha, Man Yeong

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, USA, 1990 / Thermo-Fluid Engineering/

Research Interests

Micro/Nano/Bio Fluidics Next Generation Air-conditioning, Refrigeration Next Generation Energy Technology(Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Energy)


Jeon, Chung Hwan

Ph.D., Mechanical Eng., Pusan National University, Korea, 1994.

Research Interests

Thermal Power : Coal Combustion and Gasfication Process for Next Power Plant, Nano PM(Particulate Matter) Formation in Combustion Process, Laser Diagnostics(LII, LIF, Scattering) for Flame Structure, Flame Chemiluminescence by using Model Combustor, Hydrogen Compressor Development with Metal-Diaphragm Dynamic Analysis, Engine Combustion & Fuel Spray Modeling and Experiment


Jeong, Ji-Hwan

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,1995 / Ms., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,1990 / Ba., Seoul National University, 1988

Research Interests

Refrigeration cycle using alternative refrigerants, Heat exchangers for HVAC&R, gas turbine, and energy industry, Heat transfer augmentation, Nuclear power plant safety analysis, Boiling, condensation, instability of two-phase flow, CFD applications to complex geometries


Kim, Kyung Chun

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1987 / Fluid Engineering/

Research Interests

Turbulence and Complex Flows Micro, Nanofluidics Application in Thermal-Fluid and Bio-System Wind Engineering


Kim, Duck Jool

Ph.D., Kyungpook National University, Korea, 1990 / Thermal Engineering and Sprays/

Research Interests

Performance Improvement of CI and DI Engines Design of New Injection System Spacial distribution of Concentration of Liquid and Vapor Phase in Spray Field


Kim, Yong-Tae

Ph.D., Japan Adv. Inst. Sci. Tech., Japan, 2006 / Fuel Cell Hybrid Energy System /

Research Interests

Metal and Semiconductor Clusters, Analysis of Electronic and Fine Structure of Clusters with Synchrotron radiation, Fuel Cell, Lithium Secondary Battery, Super capacitor


Lee, Dong Geun

Ph.D., Seoul national Unversity, Korea, 20/ Micro/Nano Thermal/Energy System & Nanoscale Heat/Mass transfer/

Research Interests

Nano-Scale Control of Nanoparticle Characteristics & Manufacture Nano-Scale Phenomena: Physics, Chemistry & Energy Various Methods of NanoParticle Generation


Lim, Hee Chang

Ph.D., Pohang University of Science and Technology(POSTECH), Korea, 2003

Research Interests

Renewable (Wind) Energy, Atmospheric Wind Flow over Complex Real Fields, Drag reduction using Active/Passive Flow Control, Modelling Wind Flow over Bluff Bodies, Visualization and Image Processing Techniques(PIV/PTV), Microfluidics/Biofluidics, Development of Numerical Calculation (CFD)


Park, Warn Gyu

Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A., 1993 / Computational Fluids Dynamics/

Research Interests

Computational Aero-Acoustics(CAA) Turbomachinery Large Eddy Simulation(LES)


Son, Chang Min

Ph.D., University of Oxford, England, 2005

Research Interests

Gas Turbine for Aero, Industrial and Marine Applications, Thermal management for Integrated Power System, High Temperature Research, System Engineering and Innovation


Song, Juhun

Ph.D.  Energy & Geo-environmental Eng. Fuel Science Major, Pennsylvania State University, USA, 2005. / Power Generation Energy System /

Research Interests

Coal combustion and utilization technology for power generation system application. Combustion kinetics and catalysis of solid particles. Design and fabrication of bench-scale burner/reactors Optical techniques for burning/gasification of individual solid particle. Utilization of renewable fuel energies including biomass, biofuels, etc. Combustion modeling/simulation for large scale utility boiler of coal-fired power plant


Yoon, Soon Hyun

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1992 / Fluid Engineering/

Research Interests

Analysis of Turbulent Jet Flow Characteristics Heat transfer Phenomena of Jet Flows Development of Wind Power System


An, Deuk Man

Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, U.S.A., 1986/
Fracture Mechanics/

Research Interests

Continuum Mechanics Mechanics of Composite Materials Fracture Mechanics


Cho, Younho

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A., 1995/
Wave Mechanics & Structural Health Monitoring/

Research Interests

Wave Mechanics and Computational Mechanics Structural Health Monitoring Sensor,  Device Design


Cheong, Cheolung

Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea, 2003 /

Research Interests

Computational Aeroacoustics, Duct Acoustics, Fan Broadband Noise, Noise Prediction and Reduction of Rotor, Fan, Propeller, and Turbo-Machinery


Hwang, Sang-Moon

Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, U.S.A., 1994 / Electro-Mechanical Machine Design /

Research Interests

Electromagnetic and Electro-Mechanical Machine design Vibration and Acoustic Noise Reduction Analysis and Design of Micro-Motors, Micro-Actuators and Micro Speaker


Jeong, Weui Bong

Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, 1990

Research Interests

Measurement and Signal Processing of Noise and Vibration, Finite, Boundary Element Analysis of Noise and Vibration, Fluid-structure/Acoustic-structure Interactions, Noise and Vibration of Home Appliance


Lee, Byung Hoon

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1992 / Kinematics & Dynamics/

Research Interests

Kinematics and Dynamics of Multibody Systems
Inverse Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
Wheeled & tracked Vehicle Dynamics, Robot Mechanics, Biomechanics


Lee, Shi Bok

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1992 / Vibration and Motion Control/

Research Interests

Experimental and Numerical Modeling, Analysis and Design of Vibration Systems Active Vibration and Motion Control Structural Acoustic Coupling Analysis and Design


Lim, O Kaung

Ph.D., University of Iowa, U.S.A.

Research Interests

Topology Optimization
Approximate Optimization


Lee, Joon Hyun

Ph.D., Tohoku University, Japan, 1988 / Material Strength and Nondestructive Evaluation(NDE)/

Research Interests

Structural Integrity Evaluation and Quality Assurance Based on NDE Technique Characterization of Non-Conventional Engineering Materials by NDE Technique Laser-Based Ultrasonic and ESPI Technique


Noh, Yoojeong

Ph.D., University of Iowa

Research Interests

Reliability-based design optimization (RBDO) Design and reliability analysis under uncertainties with lack of information. Uncertainty quantification for statistical modeling of input random variables. Multiscale analysis for composite materials.


Park, Noh Gill

Ph.D., North Carolina State University, U.S.A., 1987 / Vehicle Dynamics/

Research Interests

Continuously Variable transmissions
Dynamics, Vibration and Noise of Rotor Systems
Balancing Technique, Gear Systems


Park, Seonghun

Ph.D. Columbia University, U.S.A.,  / Biomechanical System /

Research Interests

Study of human body and its components regarding engineering/biological properties, modeling, performance and performance test equipments, artificial substitutes Control of mechanical and biomechanical system


Yoo, Wan Suk

Ph.D., University of Iowa, U.S.A., 1985 / Multibody Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics/

Research Interests

BFlexible Multibody Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics and Suspension Design Kinematic & Dynamic Simulations of Mechanical Systems


Ahn, Seokyoung

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, USA, 2005 / M.S., Pohang University of Science and Technology, 1994 / B.S., Pusan National University, 1992

Research Interests

Metal/Ceramic Injection Molding
Modeling, Estimation, and Control of Electroslag Remelting Process
Selective Laser Sintering, Laser Engineered Net Shaping

Bae, Won-Byong

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Korea, 1992 / Metal Forming /

Research Interests

UBET analysis of the non-axisymmetric extrusion , forging processes Manufacturing of automobile components with using casting/forging process Forming process design for various industrial components


Cho, Yong-Joo

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1994 / tribology (Wear, Friction, Lubrication)/

Research Interests

Scuffing, Fatigue Wear RoughnessEffect on Friction


Jeong, Haedo

Ph.D., University of Tokyo, Japan, 1994 / Chemical Mechanical Polishing, Wafering Process, Rapid Prototyping/

Research Interests

Electronic Device Fabrication Technology
Ultra precision Grinding and Polishing(CMP)
MEMS and Micro Machining Polymer Actuator (Micro Pump and Speaker)


Jung, Yoong Ho

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea, 1993 / CAD/CAM/

Research Interests

CAD/CAM, Geometric Modeling, 5-axis High-speed Machining, Assembly Modeling, Virtual Machining


Kang, Chung Gil

Ph.D., Tohoku University, Japan, 1987 / Manufacturing Engineering for Advanced Materials/

Research Interests

Semi-Solid Forming, Metal Matrix Composites and Their Forming High Pressure Die Casting and Squeeze Casting Process Micro-Forming Technology of Nanocrystalline Materials


Kim, Byung Min

Ph.D., Pusan National University, Korea, 1987 / Metal Forming/

Research Interests

Process analysis and design of the irregular shaped drawing process
Process planning of the multi-stage wire drawing process
Numerical analysis of die wear and fatigue to improve die life


Kim, Jeong Suk

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1991 / Metal Cutting, Machine Tool Dynamics.Condition Monitoring/Precision Machining/

Research Interests

Dynamics of Machine Tools High Speed Machining of Die and Mould Computational Analysis of Micromachining Process


Kim, Ji Hoon

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea, 2006 / B.S., Seoul National University, Korea, 2000 / Metal Forming and Plasticity

Research Interests

Innovative Materials Forming Processes
Plasticity Theory and Advanced Constitutive Modeling
Fracture and Springback of Sheet Metals
Crystal Plasticity and Multiscale 3D Microstructure Modeling
Numerical Methods for Multi-physics Simulation


Ko, Jong Soo

BS(Pusan Nat’l Univ.), MS & PhD (KAIST) / MEMS/

Research Interests

Micro-sensors & actuators


Moon, Young Hoon

Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines, U.S.A., 1991 / Advanced Forming Processes/

Research Interests

Process Modelling of Advanced Forming Processes
Hydroforming Process for Sheet and Tube Forming
Application of Electroslag-Casting Process for Die Materials


Park, Sang-Hu

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Korea,  / Nanofabrication/

Research Interests

Three-dimensional Nano/Microfabrication, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) for analysis of mechanical structures, Optimum Design


Ahn, Jung Hwan

Ph.D., University of Tokyo, Japan, 1987 / Manufacturing Automation /

Research Interests

Monitoring & Control of Machining Process Mechatronics & Manufacturing Automation Ultra-Precision Machining


Ahn, Chang Sun

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, 2011 / Control and Automation System /

Research Interests

Vehicle Dynamics Control, Vehicle State Estimation through Sensor Fusion, Control Design of Vehicle Active Safety Systems, Power Train Control Strategy of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, Integration of Smart Grid and Electric Vehicles


Choi, Jae Weon

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea, 1995 / Control Systems /

Research Interests

Guidance, navigation, and control for underwater vehicles, missiles, space vehicles, and advanced safety vehicles Eigenstructure assignment theory for LTI/LTV systems Multi-target tracking filter analysis and design


Han, Myung-Chul

Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A., 1992 / Control Engineering/

Research Interests

Mechatronics Robotics Robust and Nonlinear Control


Hong, Keum-Shik

Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A., 1991 / Automatic Control, Robotics, and MEMS/

Research Interests

Control Applications in Steel Making Process, Automotive Industries, and Material Handling Control of Infinite Dimensional Systems: Adaptation and Uncertainty Quantification Active Vibration Control: Input Shaping and Suspension Control


Kim, Jong Shik

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987 / Control and Dynamical Systems/

Research Interests

Multivariable Robust Control Theory Applications of Control Theory to Mechanical Systems Applications of Intelligence Control Techniques


Kim, Ho Kyung

Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, KAIST, Daejeon 2001 / M.S., Nuclear Engineering, KAIST, Daejeon 1996  / B.S., Nuclear Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul 1994

Research Interests

Medical Imaging Physics, Digital Radiography, 3D Tomography and Reconstruction Methods


Kang, Dong-Joong

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1999 / Computer/robot vision/

Research Interests

Image processing, pattern recognition, visual inspection, mobile robot


Lee, Min Cheol

Ph.D., University of Tsukuba, Japan, 1991 / Control engineering/

Research Interests

Sensor Integrated Robot Manipulator Control Mechatronics for Digital Servo Systems and Measuring Systems Sensor's Application and System Integration


Lee, Suk

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A., 1990 / Manufacturing Automation/

Research Interests

Networking for Manufacturing and Control In-Vehicle Networking Supervisory Control of Discrete Event System


Lee, Seok Hee

Ph.D, UMIST, U.K., 1985 / Manufacturing Systems Engineering/

Research Interests

Manufacturing System & Production Automation Rapid Prototyping & Tooling Reverse Engineering, CAD/CAM, Microstereolithography


Park, Myeong Kwan

Ph.D., Tokyo Technology University, JAPAN, 1991 / Fluid Engineering/

Research Interests

Mechanical Engineering Fluids Engineering and Mechanical Systems Measurement and Control


Yoon, Joongsun

Ph.D., Lehigh University, U.S.A., 1988 / Robotics/

Research Interests

Intelligence, Information & Controls, Arts, Sciences & Technology in Asia(ASTA) Interactive Technology, Human Interactions, Biological Information Systems Intelligent, Evolutionary, Entertainment Robotics


Jeong, Jae Jun

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 1990

Research Interests

Nuclear Safety
Thermal-Hydraulic System Modeling and Simulation
Two-Phase Flow


Yun, Byong Jo

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Korea, 1996

Research Interests

Thermal hydraulics for the nuclear power plant and two-phase flow experiments, Development of two-phase flow instrumentations, Application of CMFD code to the nuclear reactor analysis


Lee, Seung Wook

Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea, 2003

Research Interests

Medical Imaging
Health Physics
Neutron Science
Research Reactor


Bahn, Chi Bum

Ph.D., Seoul National University, Republic of Korea, 2002

Research Interests

Materials Aging & Degradation, Corrosion & Cracking of Materials , Radiation Effects on Materials, Structural Integrity of Nuclear Systems, Water Chemistry in Nuclear Systems